coverTwo Best Friends go on the run in WH Buzzard’s rollicking 1950’s satire, There is a Generation.
Tim and Hect, lifelong buddies and dedicated troublemakers, love nothing better that killing time in the oil-rick outskirts of the West Texas town.
While playing war with their .22 semiautomatic rifles, they decide to up the ante and create a Molotov cocktail – which they promptly hurl into an “abandoned” junkyard office.
Horrified as a human figure appears in the window, engulfed in flames, Tim and Hect flee when they hear distant fire engine sirens, vowing to live the rest of their lives as fugitives of the law.
But their pampered lifestyle hasn’t prepared them for life in the brutal desert.
As the two friends stumble across the country, they will have to navigate con artists, wise guys and ex-convicts if they ever hope to survive in the Wild West.