Let’s see, considering the problem about the Jews, which option is best to take?

Option number 1: Make an offer to six million Jews to either support and fight alongside Wehrmacht soldiers to repel the Russian army invaders or else undergo torture and suffocate in a gas chamber? Then after the war is won massacre however many millions of Jews volunteered when convenient.

Option number 2: Don’t insist the Jews help but instead kill as many of them as possible despite your army’s lack of manpower since there are only old people, women and children left in reserve until you lose the war. That way half the Jews you intended to kill in the first place will survive.

The genius military strategist corporal went with number 2, of course.

Or, let’s see, here’s another problem about getting supplies of ammunition, food and winter clothing to the army fighting the oncoming Russians, Americans, and British.

Option number 1: Since the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe are out of supplies such as gasoline, bullets, heavy guns, and motorized vehicles use every available rail car to get these vital items to the front lines on a priority above-all-else basis. Then after the war is won convert the rail cars in order to transport Jews to death camps.

Option number 2: Disregard the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe’s desperate cry for ammunition and weapons they have run out of and instead gather up every rail car available in order to pack them full of Jews for transport to death camps as the country is being flattened and the war lost. Afterward, still half the Jews that were intended to be killed with survive.

Once again the caterpillar-lipped fuhrer went with number 2.

Hitler said of himself in Munich: “I go the way Providence dictates with the assurance of a sleepwalker.” Providence means to be guided by a higher authority or personal version of a god, not necessarily the biblical God.

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