Arriving in the Fall of 2015

There is a Generation II


As the parent of a rebellious kid in 1950s west Texas, Tim’s mother knows just how to handle the son who caused so much trouble in There is a Generation: ship him off where every other frustrated parent sends their bad seeds, to the one-step-above-a-reformatory George S. Patton Military Academy.

Getting wind of his mother’s intent, Tim decides it’s well past time to return to the Mexican desert and rescue his missing buddy Hect. After locating him at a paramilitary compound dedicated to class warfare and the destruction of western society, Tim is shanghaied into the group’s cause, only to find Hect’s disdain for anyone born into wealth now includes him.

Targeted by the camp’s sadistic trainer and constantly at odds with Hect, Tim’s in over his head. Oh, if only he’d obeyed his parents and gone to military school.

There is a Generation II continues Tim and Hect’s adventures while taking a satirical look at the 1950s.

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