There is a Generation Book 1


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This book is the first in a series of four satires of the 1950’s and how it was those “Baby Boomers” grew up to create today’s America.

In 1950’s West Texas, best friends Tim and Hect came upon an abandoned junkyard. Rabbit hunting lost its entertaining appeal for a game of War with their .22 semi-automatic rifles. The fun ends suddenly as a thoughtless prank turns into a ghastly murder, or so they believe.

Hect has an idea to set fire to an abandoned shack for a final thrill of the day. Tim agrees, although he thinks the objective is a wasp nest inside a mesquite bush. The boys fill an empty bottle with gasoline from a wrecked truck and then hurl the Molotov cocktail at the shed which erupts in a fireball. Stunned by his friend’s target, Tim gaped in horror as a blazing figure appeared in a fiery window. He and the human torch gaze at one another for a terrifying moment until sirens from the direction of town interrupt them. Believing their prank may land them a seat on “Sparky,” the pet name for Huntsville’s electric chair, the boys decide their only choice is to become fugitives from the law.

Armed with dogged determination and a forehead-slapping sense of naiveté, the boys flee into the harsh West Texas desert. Because of pampered lives up till now, the two could not be less prepared to face hunger, thirst, life on the road, bizarre street people, and a world of poverty and slums, plus the mean streets of Juarez, Mexico.

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