There is a Generation Book 2

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In the 1950’s the great culture shift that revolutionized American values lay restlessly dormant in that juvenile generation. The boys and girls that would one day transform society still played cowboys and Indians, war, or hopscotch. Their parents, who spent the latter half of the 1940’s celebrating the end of the Great Depression, rejoicing in victory after World War II, and exulting in being the world’s lone superpower, had by the middle of the next decade all but partied-out, but not so their materialistic kids.

At the finish of the first book in the series, THERE IS A GENERATION, the two protagonists, Tim and Hect, took different paths. Hect disappeared into the vast Mexican desert, last seen heading for a mysterious location known ominously as the “Camp.” Tim, meanwhile, returned home to discover his mother thoroughly dismayed by her son’s recent antics and ready to teach him a lesson of a lifetime. Only what’s to be done with a headstrong rebel in 1950’s west Texas? Why not do what every other frustrated parent does who can afford the tuition—ship the bad seed off to George S. Patton Military Academy? Those battle hardened World War II veterans will teach the mischief-maker some discipline. The idea sounds abhorrent to Tim, however, who decides it’s time to hit the road a second time, head to the Mexican desert outside of Juarez where he last saw Hect, and make every effort to find and rescue his best buddy.Unknown to Tim, however, since the two friends were last together, Hect has been shanghaied into a militia cult hidden away from governmental prying eyes in the wilds of the Chihuahua Desert. He also has been indoctrinated with a set of beliefs that vehemently opposes his friend’s former lifestyle so that he now resents anyone born rich, including his onetime best friend.

As Tim and Hect end up butting ideological heads, the boys are forced by militia leaders to undertake a dangerous mission together, one in which they will have to cope with a delusional psychopath, travel through a desert wasteland, and face a hostile Mexican army. Chances are they both will wind up dead. Maybe spending a few years at George S. Patton Military Academy, now that Tim has had a chance to think about it, hadn’t been such a bad idea after all.

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