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At the end of the second book in the series, THERE IS A GENERATION II, the two heroes, Tim and Hect, escaped an attack by Mexican Federales on a militia training facility known as “the camp.” At the last moment they flew off in a World War II Lisunov Li-2 transport, which Tim learned from a nearby passenger, was a Russian version of a Douglas DC-3. Flying at an altitude approaching 10,000 feet, the twin-engine airplane tossed about in near tornadic winds in a lightning-filled thunderstorm. The turbulent flight traveled among the mountain peaks of Mexico on the way to Bogota Colombia, South America. Terrified their young lives might end by a fiery flash from the clouds or else with a sudden impact into El Popo, the towering volcano outside the plane’s porthole windows, neither boy had time to consider what sort of shadowy intrigue they were caught up in.

All they knew was that the conspiracy had gotten bigger and more complex than first thought. Beyond that, they were too occupied listening as grown men whimpered a Hail Mary in between episodes of convulsive airsickness. Thankfully, they flew out of the storm intact. The plane leveled off except for occasional abrupt drops and lifts in the unstable air within the mountain range. Compared to what they had just been through, though, the ride was hardly rougher than a back seat on a school bus. Now that things had calmed down, Tim managed to pick up scraps of information from his neighbor passenger about their situation, enough to realize that they had become involved in an international organization whose power and reach extended globally. Tim discovered also that it was only because of a misperception by the planeload of executives that Tim and Hect had been allowed on the transport in the first place. The boys had mistakenly been identified as plants from the security division of the secret association, positions that struck fear in the hearts of the other passengers. As a result, the two were catered to as VIP’s, at least for as long as the deception held.By the time they reached South America the boys’ real identities had been uncovered, and they wound up captives. In the meantime, they discovered the worldwide organization’s purpose was to infiltrate western societies, including the USA, and utterly restructure those “decadent” cultures without being detected by the populaces.

The boys, then, faced a dilemma: either play along and betray their homeland, all the while hoping to stumble on an escape route of some sort, or else find a way to resist. Either option risked prison or worse—being unwilling targets at the end of a firing range.

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