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Book Four introduces two new protagonists plus a host of old familiar personalities who have changed situations, one so drastically few believe he even exists and yet his impact on the story is more robust than ever.

The two newest characters to make debuts are Toby and his twin brother, Yuni. Born identical twins, their upbringings could not have made them more dissimilar. Toby grew up in Mission Hills, the richest part of Kansas City, Missouri at that time, with a devoted stepmother who daily reminded him what a special person he was destined to be. Yuni, on the other hand, was raised in the Amazon rain forest at different camps in the Andes Mountains by a harsh taskmaster and leader of an anti-government rebel army. When the battle with Colombian forces becomes too intense, Yuni now the ailing rebel leader’s favorite “stepson” and the one destined to inherit his operation, is shipped off to America to a private academy outside Kansas City for his protection. He and his identical twin brother, Toby, meet for the very first time and become roommates.

At this point, a former main character, Tim, makes an unusual appearance as he supposedly met his end at the finish of There is a Generation III. Tim is on a mission to save his best friend, also a former protagonist, from “a fate worse than death”, and must have Toby’s help to complete the task. Admittedly, the storyline is complex enough to bewilder even the author, much less readers who start the books mid-series, but not to worry as all is clarified and straightened out by the finish of Book Four. Otherwise, well we’ll just have to see…

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