‘”There is a Generation” is a book I really enjoyed reading. A real page- turner which takes you on an exciting journey filled with adventure, mystery and mischief. It is a gripping, suspense filled and fast moving story of two spoiled brats, Tim and Hect, who learn that life on the road is not as easy as it may seem and that not everything in life goes according to plan. As the plot thickens Tim and Hect grow as characters and learn to take responsibility for their actions and appreciate the things they always took for granted.”

“I whittled away on your book. Reading it, as time allowed, on my IPhone and finished it last night. I don’t usually choose to read fiction, but this is really a treat. I loved it. It’s a refreshing, souped-up, technicolor, sentimental journey down a youthful, partially imaginary memory lane.”

“This book really brings you back home to Texas. Extremely well written, funny and brilliant. the use of West Texas slang and the descriptions of events is awesome. After starting I could not put it down and read late into the night to finish. There is a Generation is a wonderful experience. I so glad that Bill was not killed in his younger years so that he could write.”