WH Buzzard is not only the author’s pen name, it’s also a nickname from high school. The joke in those days was because of his having a pencil neck and prominent Adams apple he looked like the carrion bird. All the teasing was offered in good fun, mostly. One day an eleventh grade speech teacher whose reputation among students was a hyper-meticulous crank changed his life in a generous act whose effect she never realized.  She read a paper he wrote to all her classes as a demonstration of descriptive writing. Years later her kindness came to fruition as she started the author on a lifelong career of pen in hand after her demonstration of the power of the right word at the right time by a caring individual.

Thus began a lifelong pursuit of telling stories to anyone who would listen. Emulating two of his heroes, Mark Twain for humor and on the serious side Aleksanda Solzhenitsyn, he embarked on learning the time-consuming craft of communicating with pen and paper.

 Forever a West Texan at heart, he now lives in Central Texas with his wife, who is his most particular editor. When not writing, he’s either swimming laps, reading, taking walks, or attending church. WH Buzzard spent the first of his life living the adventures recounted and the last writing them down.

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